RETINA is a full length feature film, shot entirely by a three-person crew. Filmmaker Carlos Ferrer completed all post-production himself. Learn more about the making of RETINA in the LA Times, Studio Daily and more! RETINA will be available on VOD and DVD in 2018.

Q&A with Filmmaker Carlos Ferrer


A young woman (Lindsay Goranson) participates in a medical study. After a series of nightmares and unusual side effects, the line between dreams and reality is blurred. She finds herself on the run from those involved, desperate to uncover the truth.


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Original Score

Composed by Carlos Ferrer

Director's Journal


Learn more about the making of RETINA from Director Carlos Ferrer. Read these entries to get a sneak peak at the entire process from pre-production to screening the film. Find out why it took six years to complete the film. To learn more about Carlos Ferrer, visit his website at

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  • Pre-Production

    "I began pre-production after putting some final touches on the script. As soon as we had a cast in place, we began rehearsing scenes, testing out wardrobe, developing the overall look of the film. I concentrated heavily on the use of color - blues, greens, mostly earth tones. I've worked with traditional crews before but on RETINA, I wanted the intimacy of a small group so that we could move around easily and collaborate more effectively. Subsequently, I knew if I was going to shoot a feature film with such a small crew, I'd need people I could trust. So I called two good friends, Joshua Jenks and Jared Slade Goldman. I asked if they'd assist me while shooting the film, they both agreed so we began shooting." - Carlos Ferrer

  • Production

    "We worked long hours, shooting in New York City in the dead of winter. There were so few of us on set, just two crew members, myself, and the actors. At the end of each day, I'd look over what we shot and do a quick edit to see how the story was coming together. I think seeing the film come to life in that way, got us all on the same page and even more excited about telling the story. We experienced great days and difficult days, but every production does. Overall, the shoot was a lot of fun and I'm grateful for the performances the actors gave. Lindsay Goranson and the rest of the cast immersed themselves into the minds of their characters. Their performances hold the film together from start to finish. After working for so many years on this picture, that means everything." - Carlos Ferrer

  • Post

    "I remember people asking when I'd be done with RETINA. I'd say "a few months, maybe a year" - I was a little over my head. I had a very specific vision in mind and thought I had the skill-set to pull it off. Turns out, I needed to learn...a lot! Composing, sound design and visual effects are just a few of the areas I needed to brush up on. I read like crazy, took endless notes, and became fascinated by the idea of understanding the nuts and bolts of the entire post-production process. The more I worked, the better I understood what it felt like to be a composer, sound designer, visual effects artist etc. As a director, communication is key, to be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas to those you work with. But I wanted to understand the inner workings of their suggestions and ideas. I wanted to speak the same language so we're not wasting time and money trying to explain ourselves. Here's a short breakdown video of some of the VFX shots I created for RETINA, after years of educating myself." - Carlos Ferrer

  • Distribution

    "RETINA screened in New York City and Los Angeles for producers, agents, and distributors following the completion of the film. I'm overwhelmed by the response we got and can't wait for you all to see it! Look for it on VOD and DVD in 2018!" - Carlos Ferrer


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News / Press


Indie writer-director of post-9/11 thriller 'Retina' a multitasking whiz

"Carlos Ferrer's incarnations ran wild during the six years he performed virtually every facet, except acting, in making the thriller "Retina": The producer in him worried about cost overruns; his inner special effects persona loved explosions; his sound editor fixated on footsteps; his composer mingled violins and cellos; his scriptwriter fretted over pacing; his cinematographer summoned shadows; and his director roamed the streets of New York plotting a terrorist attack..."


How One Indie Filmmaker Completed a VFX-Heavy Feature Film in Six Years on $200,000

"In filmmaker Carlos Ferrer’s new thriller, Retina, a young woman signs on for a medical study and winds up being injected with a microchip aimed at programming her for a terrorist attack. It’s a riveting story, but what’s really caught people’s attention is the fact that he made the movie mostly on his own, with help from a two-person crew..."


The Edge: All Eyes on Filmmaker Carlos Ferrer

"My name is Carlos Ferrer. I'm a filmmaker based in New York City. I started making films at a young age, directed my first feature film by the time I was sixteen with the help of friends and family. We later screened the film in NYC to an audience of over 400 people and won a few awards at festivals. I later earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts & Film at Purchase College. I started working on my second feature RETINA just before graduating. My upcoming projects include Sound of Obsession and Zoey..."


'Retina' VFX Presentation at SIGGRAPH 2016

"Independent filmmaker Carlos Ferrer demonstrates how he single-handedly wrote, produced, directed and created the visual effects for his full-length feature film Retina. His presentation includes breakdowns of set extensions, visual effects and general advice for independent filmmakers."


Interview with Filmmaker Carlos Ferrer: SIGGRAPH 2016

"In this episode I speak with indie filmmaker Carlos Ferrer about his indie film, his company and how he used Cinema 4D on his latest feature film to create both visible and invisible VFX."


Exclusive Q&A with Filmmaker Carlos Ferrer

"With passion and deep intelligence driving his six year effort to complete the very dark, unnerving and captivating film, “RETINA,” Carlos Ferrer is a rare young talent who has practiced “Guerrilla-Style” filmmaking and taken it way beyond even the definition of the term..."

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Status: Rights Available / Available for Theatrical & Home Video Distribution


RETINA has been written about in the LA Times, Studio Daily and more! If you're interested in writing a piece about the film or interviewing filmmaker Carlos Ferrer, please contact us below!